Thursday, March 15

Feeling snooty about snoods

photo by Darling Dolly
A Darling Dolly friend of Momma's has offered to make me some snoods after I told her how much I admired hers.

Historically a small bag—netted, tatted, knitted, crocheted, or knotted — of fine thread or yarn, enclosed the long hair on the back of the head and held it close to the nape.

A tighter band (in my case a hose clamp!) will cover the forehead or crown, then run behind the ears and under the nape of the neck, holding the bag in place.

Just the thing for keeping my hair out of my face while working on a steam engine.

But what color should I get? Silver, bronze, black, brown, red, or green?

Or one of each....

1 comment:

  1. I would say that you need one of each .. at least then you would have a color you needed for whatever outfit you were wearing. Black, bronze and brown for sure ..