Thursday, March 29

The goggle ogle defense

gog·gle noun, verb, adjective

1. goggles,

  • large spectacles equipped with special lenses, protective rims, etc., to prevent injury to the eyes fromstrong wind, flying objects, blinding light, etc.
  • spectacles designed for a special purpose, as night-vision or stereoscopic goggles.
  • Informal . glasses, or eyeglasses: I can't see a thing withoutmy goggles. Synonyms: specs, shades.
2. a bulging or wide-open look of the eyes; stare.

verb (used without object)
3. to stare with bulging or wide-open eyes. Synonyms: gape, ogle, gawk, gawp, glare.
4. (of the eyes) to bulge and be wide open in a stare.
5. to roll the eyes.
6. (of the eyes) to roll.
7. Informal. to spearfish.

verb (used with object)
8. to roll (the eyes).

9. (of the eyes) rolling, bulging, or staring.

1350–1400; Middle English gogelen to look aside; compare agog

Related forms
un·gog·gled, adjective

Can be confused: goggle, Google, googol.


  1. Wow, those are REALLY cute! I wonder if Artificer Made will make another pair so my dolls could have some steampunk goggles... ;)


  2. Oh, I think he'd be happy to. You can contact him through Etsy.

  3. It just so happens I have another set in the vibratory (tee hee) tumbler polishing up right now.

    Probably end of day tomorow or saturday they will be up on my shop.

    These are some epic goggs though. Prepare to swoon.

  4. They better not be more epic than Addie's!