Thursday, May 5

My precious....

Dear Addie,
Why do you wear a shell necklace around your neck?
Your Biggest Fan
Ahh, my shell necklace. It has quite a story.

Momma has a cowrie shell my great grandmother brought all the way from Africa. (Cowrie shells were used as money in parts of Africa.) It's her most precious treasure and was one of the very few things we brought with us when we ran away.

Someday I can have it, but until then I wanted to wear something that symbolizes my most precious treasure. Since our freedom is the most precious thing to me, I thought this brass shell (or cartridge) symbolized our fight for freedom better than anything.

Like Momma, I wear it on one of my brother's shoelaces around my neck so I can keep him close to my heart. 

And I never take it off. 

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