Tuesday, May 3

Meet Steampunk Addie

What can I say about myself? I was born a slave in North Carolina but Momma and I ran away after Poppa and my brother were sold. We went to Philadelphia where we could be free.

Once there I became involved in the Underground....

At least that's MY story.

Momma says I'm Pleasant Company and she found me somewhere called eBay. She wanted to fix my "weak" eyes. Ha! If she only knew what I could see with these eyes. But that's another story.

She says that once she saw me she knew I was destined for great things so she started to assemble a great wardrobe. (It's a good thing she can sew!) But we've also collected things from all over.

For my hair, she used hose clamps and ribbon roses.

Being steampunk, I had to have a corset. First she borrowed (
eww!) one from a girl named Felicity, then got me my own in black. A red one is coming!

Momma then took an old tartan dress apart and attached the skirt to a sash and paired it with a nifty green jacket.

Finally, I got a shell necklace, a timepiece, binoculars, some major boots, a couple of hats (one of which she trimmed with a scrap of the tartan dress) and some tinted glasses for my "weak" eyes.

What do you think?

Oh, and my hero?

Abraham Lincoln of course!


  1. Addie, what I think is you are wonderful! I am one of your biggest fans. I can't wait to read all about your shell necklace. You are really starting to develop a great collection of stuff.

    I like the background you picked for your blog, too, and the header is perfect!

  2. Abraham Lincoln kinda looks like he met up with a Borg. :-/ Eek!

  3. Addie is wonderful! She looks like one of those fake addies that are being sold on ebay though. :(

    1. Thank you, I think. I assure you there is nothing fake about me. I am Pleasant Company and 100 percent American Girl.

  4. Sorry! I didn't mean it like that! Well, I have a fake Kailey doll, that I got from a used doll store. That made me do research. I went to ebay, and saw like five counterfeit Addy dolls there. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me for that. :)

    1. No worries, I was not offended. It takes a lot more than that to upset me. I was just reassuring you that I am the real McCoy.

  5. PS. I'm American girl doll crazy!