Tuesday, May 24

Hailing frequencies open, Captain

photo by EofA/used with permission
I was chatting with my dear friend Phoebe (right) and mentioned that I was going to the upcoming Phoenix Comicon and she nearly swooned!

See, Phoebe is the original "Uhura fangirl" and she likes all things Star Trek (and geeky) too.

(She's adament that she's fangirling as Uhura by wearing the costume whenever she can, not that she is Uhura.)

I admit, I like her futuristic look a lot but I refuse to wear what Momma says is a pushpin in my ear!

I'll carry the punk look only so far!

While I don't think she has seen the steampunk light, she does have a great sense of style.

Do you think this "steamy" photo might change her mind?

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