Wednesday, May 25

She who wields a mean parasol

Queen Victoria's anti-terrorist parasol
I am anxiously awaiting Momma to finish my stout parasol, but wanted to show you I'm not the only strong-minded woman to wield one.

Of course I got my inspiration from Mrs. Amelia Peabody Emerson, but do you know where she got her inspiration?

Detail of parasol showing chain-mail lining.
Queen Victoria experienced several assassination attempts, the first being in June 1840. Prince Albert is thought to have designed this parasol incorporating a layer of mail between cover and lining as protection for the Queen. However, the weight of the mail made it impossible for the parasol to be held normally. It weighs 1468g (3.237 lb) and was probably never used by the Queen.
Momma said mine won't be lined with mail.



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