Sunday, May 15

Way down in Egypt land

I sincerely apologize to my faithful readers for not writing anything this past week, but I got a bit adventurous with the time travel machine. I promise that I shall write about 1864 Philadelphia soon!

In the meantime, after spending much time in future libraries I became acquainted with the memoirs of the famous female Egyptologist, Amelia Peabody Emerson. Since her journals began in 1884 I decided a quick trip to Egypt was in order so I could meet this remarkable lady.

What a woman! A proponent of rational dress, she gave her stamp of approval to my ensemble and I got many ideas from her to adapt for my own growing wardrobe.

Mrs. Emerson usually carries a parasol, which she uses a weapon - including a sword-parasol! Her other famous accessory is her belt which contains a pistol and knife, canteen, bottle of brandy, candle and matches in a waterproof box, notebook and pencil, needle and thread, compass, scissors, first-aid kit and a coil of stout cord (useful for tying up captured enemies).

Momma's making me a stout parasol and while she won't let me carry a pistol (or brandy!), I think I shall try to assemble my own belt which I think would be useful working for the Underground....

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  1. Lovely atmosphere in this photo! What a great idea to use the time machine to get wardrobe inspiration. It seems like you chose a fine person to visit. I'm looking forward to seeing your stout parasol, especially.