Wednesday, May 18

On the streets of Philadelphia

Ahh, back to Momma, Philadelphia and 1864.

After Momma and I ran away from North Carolina we came to Philadelphia where we could be free. After searching, Momma found a job where she gets paid! And we get to live here, too.

When I'm not is school I run errands for Momma and Mrs. Ford. No one notices a girl like me and keep talking about things while I wait for payment or a tip.

Not all the tips I get are coins though.

Some of the tips I get help the Underground....

Sometimes I wish I could walk into any store like this confectionery and buy things without people looking at me or making rude comments. Some stores won't even serve me or let me use the front door! Why? My money's the same as theirs.

Oh well, just as long as they keep talking in front of me. Go ahead, pretend I'm invisible. What I learn from you might help end this war sooner.

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