Wednesday, May 4

What to wear Underground

Momma got my everyday clothes yesterday, so I can save my tartan for special occasions!

Isn't it amazing! It has a brown suede skirt, brown tweed bodice, black jacquard sleeves, and black lacey cuffs. Both pieces are decorated with brass chains and gears. A stunning steampunk necklace made out of old gears also came, strung on a pretty black velvet ribbon. (Someday I'll tell you about my special shell necklace that I never take off!)

A black hat came with the outfit, decorated with gears and red feathers, but it doesn't fit well on my current hairstyle so Momma told me to wear my old black top hat for now.

We're waiting for my brown boots to arrive, too!

And to think that I recently had to wear rags....

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