Saturday, February 11

Academy Awards: Vote for Best Writing

Well, my dear friend Angry Jess announced the nominees this morning including yours truly. I have provided links for the other nominees. Good luck to everyone but most of all ... ME!

Writing? Oh yes, do let's highlight this category. Writers never get enough recognition. That's because most people today watch "Reality TV" and labor under the delusion that actors are geniuses who make up their "dialogue" on the spot.

Yeah, let's rethink that. There actually ARE writers on Reality TV and while I regret that they've had to sink so low, hey, it's work. They have rent to pay and stuff to buy just like Tolstoy did.

The people who wrote the blogs below, they don't get paid for doing what they do. But you should still recognize their work and vote for your favorite, because writers make the world go round.


Best blog centered exclusively around American Girl dolls.

And the nominees are...

(Note that I have once again voluntarily eliminated myself from being nominated in this category so that others have a chance of winning).

That Jess. Always so modest.

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