Saturday, February 18

The Jolly Addie

While re-reading Dave Barry's delightful 2004 book, Peter and the Starcatchers, I was struck with inspiration for the sails of my pirate ship, the Enterprise. 

Peter and the Starcatchers
In Barry's Peter Pan universe, pirate captain Black Stache is very resourceful. He captures the naval ship the Wasp by using a corset-shaped sail.

"'The Ladies' were Black Stache's secret weapon -- a special set of sails he'd had the ship's sailmakers make, using patterns that Black Stache had obtained from, of all places, a ladies' corset maker. Though they had not yet been tested at sea, Black Stache was convinced that his invention would revolutionize the pirate industry. He was saving the Ladies for just the right moment, when he was heading downwind, closing on his prey for the kill." (p. 34).

Can't you just see me, Steampunk Addie Dred Pirate Scott, at the helm of such a stylish pirate ship?

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