Sunday, February 19

When life gives you lemons

Ma chère amie Cécile and her friend Marie-Grace finally got some lovely new items for the summer ... and pink is not the predominate color! Woo hoo!

Marie-Grace's Summer Outfit
Marie-Grace chooses this lovely outfit for summertime in New Orleans:
  • A pink-and-green checked taffeta dress inspired by real fashions of the 1850s, with a triple-tiered skirt and satin ribbon accents
  • A wide-brimmed hat, trimmed with a matching taffeta ribbon
  • Pink-and-white boots with button details for the finishing touch

Cécile's Summer Outfit

Cécile's fancy ensemble is perfect for summers in New Orleans! It features:
  • A true-to-era lemon taffeta dress, with a pretty striped yoke, a gathered bodice, and bell sleeves with organza trim
  • Cécile can shade her eyes with a faux-straw bonnet that ties under her chin—ribbon and daisies add a touch of elegance
  • Two-tone boots with button details complete the look 
Lacy Parasol
This fashionable parasol is made of cream-colored lace—in the 1850s, that's how young ladies shaded their faces from the sun. It opens and closes easily, and has a sculpted golden handle her doll can really hold.

Courtyard Furniture

This pretty metal table is made to look like cast iron, a style that was popular in the 1850s. The set also includes two matching chairs with elaborate scrollwork details.

Glassware & Treats
Delicious desserts for dolls, inspired by New Orleans! This set includes pretend treats for two:
  • A trio of beignets, faux pastries dusted with powdered sugar
  • A ceramic plate decorated with an authentic design from the 1850s
  • A footed glass bowl filled with pieces of faux fruit: peach and apple, pear and lemon, a pineapple, and a bunch of bananas
  • A delicate glass pitcher with a genuine flower motif, along with two matching drink glasses

Items available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

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