Thursday, February 2

Punxsutawney Addie

Members of the Groundhog Club's Inner Circle await Punxsutawney Phil.

If ever there was a holiday that a time-traveling doll could sink her two vinyl teeth into, it's Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated on Feb. 2 in the United States and Canada. According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day then spring will come early. If it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will continue for six more weeks.

The largest Groundhog Day celebration is held in Punxsutawney, Pa. The celebration began as a Pennsylvania German custom in southeastern and central Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries. An early American reference to Groundhog Day can be found in a diary entry dated Feb. 4, 1841, of Berks County, Pa., storekeeper James Morris:
Last Tuesday, the 2nd, was Candlemas day, the day on which, according to the Germans, the Groundhog peeps out of his winter quarters and if he sees his shadow he pops back for another six weeks nap, but if the day be cloudy he remains out, as the weather is to be moderate.

Groundhog Day received widespread attention as a result of the 1993 film Groundhog Day, which was set in Punxsutawney and portrayed Punxsutawney Phil.

In the movie, TV weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is sent to Punxsutawney to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities. But on his way out of town, Phil is caught in a giant blizzard (which he failed to predict) and finds himself stuck in Punxsutawney. Just when things couldn't get worse, they do; Phil awakes the next morning to find it's Groundhog Day all over again... and again... and again....

I'm sure you can see the appeal to me.

And what is my prediction?

Since I am afraid of nothing, especially my shadow, spring will be here soon!

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