Friday, February 10

Married in White, you have chosen right

Happy 172nd Anniversary, Queen Victoria and Albert!

Victoria first met her German cousin Albert in 1836, and they became engaged during his second visit to England in 1839. (She proposed since she was the Queen of England.) Their wedding took place on Feb. 10, 1840 at St. James's Palace. It was the first wedding of a reigning Queen of England since 1554.

White did not become a popular option until 1840, after Victoria and Albert's marriage. (Victoria wore a white gown for the event to incorporate some lace she prized.) The official wedding portrait photograph was widely published, and many other brides opted for white in accordance with the Queen's choice.

The first documented instance of a princess who wore a white wedding gown for a royal wedding ceremony is that of Philippa of England, who wore a tunic with a cloak in white silk bordered with grey squirrel and ermine in 1406.

Mary, Queen of Scots, wore a white wedding gown in 1559 when she married her first husband, Francis Dauphin of France because it was her favorite color, although white was then the color of mourning for French Queens.
Married in White, you have chosen right
Married in Grey, you will go far away,
Married in Black, you will wish yourself back,
Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead,
Married in Green, ashamed to be seen,
Married in Blue, you will always be true,
Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl,
Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow,
Married in Brown, you will live in the town,
Married in Pink, you spirit will sink.

Queen Victoria was buried in a white dress and her wedding veil after her death on Jan. 22, 1901.

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