Friday, March 29

A Surprise for Caroline ... and Me

As mentioned yesterday, I was curious about the big purchase Momma planned for my Big Sister.

We were also spending a lot of time in 1812.


Sure enough, Momma announced that Caroline Abbott would be joining our Vinyl American family.

As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott's bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he's captured, Caroline must help keep the family's shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions.

Momma encourages my Big Sister to read by having her read the American Girl books and, if my Big Sister can tell her what happens in each book, she can get the doll if she so desires when she finishes the series.

She desired.

At first she chose the 2013 Girl of the Year Saige Copeland, but upon further reflection (as well as spending time in the 1812 room) she decided upon Caroline.

So here's Caroline. I'm not certain who looks more surprised, me or Caroline!

I asked what I would receive for reading all the books in my library and Momma said I could have the Caroline Mini Doll.

Life is so unfair.


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