Wednesday, March 27

You can't catch me

The next item I had to examine at American Girl Place - Los Angeles was my Caroline's Skiff.

Papa built this beautiful wooden skiff at the family's shipyard—Caroline loves to go sailing with him on Lake Ontario. Papa even named the boat "Miss Caroline" after her—and painted it right on the side! True to her era, it features:
  • Two seats to fit a pair of dolls, plus a mast with a canvas sail
  • A pair of wooden oars Caroline can row with

I was pleased to see Caroline had thoughtfully placed her Travel Basket in the skiff - complete with gingerbread.

When Caroline sets off on her journey to find Papa, she packs everything she'll need for the trip. Your girl can re-create the moment today with this set, including:
  • Five faux gingerbread cakes and two pretend apples
  • A cloth napkin
  • A special gift from Caroline to Papa—a map of Lake Ontario that hides a secret message!
  • A woven basket to hold it all


All I need to do is get rid of her. It says the skiff holds two dolls, but not dolls with full Unmentionables! Besides, I want that gingerbread for myself.


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