Thursday, March 28

All that glitters

While at American Girl Place - Los Angeles, I was curious why we spent so much time in 1812. (I tell you, that place is a giant TARDIS!)

While pondering this, my eye was caught by the pewter dishes on the table.


Caroline celebrates her 10th birthday with family and friends as they enjoy a tableful of homemade treats! Your girl can host a similar party with:
  • A pretend applesauce cake
  • A ceramic pitcher, painted with an image of a majestic ship
  • A bouquet of faux wildflowers
  • Two lacy napkins
  • Three metal plates for serving
  • Two each metal forks, knives, and cups that are reminiscent of actual items from her era!
I told Momma that Caroline's Party Set was just the thing for my dirigible, but she reminded me (once again) that we were on a budget.


Besides, she had a big purchase to make for my Big Sister.

I wonder what that could be....


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