Tuesday, March 26

Girl of the Years

While at American Girl Place - Los Angeles I checked out the Girl of the Year Memorial.

Every year, American Girl introduces a brand-new character with a story about finding success in the face of challenges today. From making friends to overcoming mistakes and more, each Girl of the Year discovers something new about herself and the world around her.

There are currently 11 Girl of the Year dolls:
  • 2001: Lindsey Bergman. 
  • 2003: Kailey Hopkins.
  • 2005: Marisol Luna.
  • 2006: Jess McConnell.
  • 2007: Nicki Fleming.
  • 2008: Mia St. Clair.
  • 2009: Chrissa Maxwell. Gwen Thompson and Sonali Matthews were also released as companions.
  • 2010: Lanie Holland.
  • 2011: Kanani Akina.
  • 2012: McKenna Brooks.
  • 2012: Saige Copeland.

While I am not considered a GOTY (harumph) there was a handy empty pedestal. 

Hmm, maybe I should start my own line of time travelers. We could be Girl of the Years!

I'm ready for my close-up.


  1. That sounds awesome! Could I join your girls of the years, If you allow me to do so?