Tuesday, March 5

You've come a long way, baby

What a difference 100 years can make.

The Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913 was a march down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. on March 3, 1913, organized by suffragist Alice Paul for the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

The march was scheduled on the day before President Woodrow Wilson's inauguration on March 4, 1913 to "march in a spirit of protest against the present political organization of society, from which women are excluded," as the official program stated.

The march and the attention it attracted were important in advancing women's suffrage in the United States.

The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution, which prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote based on sex, was ratified on Aug. 18, 1920

I can't recommend this The Atlantic article and its photos enough: http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/03/100-years-ago-the-1913-womens-suffrage-parade/100465/ 


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