Monday, March 25

Chasing my dream across the sky

While at AGPLA there were several things I had to see that are on my wish list.

First up, Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set.

I wrote about this in January when it was first released, but this was the first chance I got to actually examine it.


Saige Steampunk Addie loves to soar high above the mountains with her dad! This high-flying set includes:
  • A beautiful, colorful inflatable nylon hot air balloon with a basket that's big enough for a doll to stand inside and a door that swings open
  • Faux binoculars that can hang around her neck
  • A mini map of Albuquerque to track where they're floating
  • A pilot's log book for her notes about balloon flights
  • A faux camera, for capturing beautiful memories
  • A messenger bag that's roomy enough to store everything inside

Sadly, this did not come home with me since Momma said we were on a "budget."

But a doll can always dream, right?

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