Monday, March 18

The Year of the Ear

As previously mentioned, Momma surprised us with a one day trip to Disneyland last week. Momma, my Big Sister, her two cousins and their Momma piled into the car on Thursday and off we went. (I was joined by McKenna, Kanani, and Cécile. We met Ivy at Disneyland.)

The first thing we ALL did after walking in was get our Mickey Mouse Ear Hats.

Mickey Mouse Ear Hats began in the 1950s when The Mickey Mouse Club aired on television. The Mousketeers wore them throughout each show, so the hats became something young children and adults dreamed about wearing.

The creator of these ears was Roy Williams, an adult Mousketeer. He was allegedly inspired by the 1929 short story The Karnival Kid, featuring a scene of Mickey tipping his ears to Minnie. Many years later, the first wearable Mickey Mouse Ears were born.

The Mickey Mouse Ear Hat is probably the most popular item purchased at Disney theme parks. They are usually a simple round cap with two round ears attached so they look like Mickey's ears.

Did you know that Disney has declared 2013 to be the Year of the Ear? So there are more ears than ever to choose from! 

Momma selected a limited edition Steampunk Ear Hat (of course!), my Big Sister got Perry, I got a MousekeEars Mini Ear Hat - Red and McKenna got blue MousekeEars. My cousins also got a Dumbo and Donald Duck each.

You're never too old to be a Mouseketeer!


  1. Steampunk Ears... oh. my. cool! Love it.

  2. I have the steampunk ears too! I stopped by Disney in Orlando just last February!