Thursday, January 30

Here comes the bride

Alena Mokhan
Here comes the bride, all dressed in white....

No, I'm not getting married, I am way too young. But if I do, Momma has gotten a job as an Alterations Specialist at a bridal salon.

Color, style, and ceremonial importance of the gown depend upon religion and culture. In Western cultures, brides often choose a white wedding dress, while in Eastern cultures brides often choose red to symbolize auspiciousness. (White is a symbol of death in many cultures.

White became a popular option
after the marriage of Queen Victoria to Albert of Saxe-Coburg on Feb. 10, 1840, when she selected a white dress made from heavy silk satin with Devonshire Honiton lace.

Queen Victoria has been credited with starting the tradition of white bridal gowns although she was not the first royal to be married in white.

Wearing white was quickly adopted by wealthy, fashionable brides. Godey's Lady's Book, wrote about a decade after Victoria's wedding:

"Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one."

If (and that's a BIG if) I ever get married, it will be in a beauty like this Steampunk Victorian Costume by Alena Mokhan.

This adorable steampunk wedding gown designed to be worn on multiply occasions to give your doll that unforgetable ooak look! It would be perfect for a wedding, First Holy Communion, Halloween party, for a Steampunk Convention or like a Victorian fancy Costume! Let your little dolly go bold in this beauty! She is sure to steal the scene!

The set is limited edition - only one of a kind.

The outfit includes 10 pieces: bolero, corset, skirt, petticoat, hat, umbrella, gloves, necklace, garter and shoes. The excellent quality, highly unique design is simply sensational, offering a vintage Victorian style.

White is an impractical color and many brides wore what was, or what would become, their best dress. White became a way to show off one's wealth, as in, "Hey! I'm so rich I'll never wear this dress again!"

It even became a Victorian rhyme:

Married in white, you will have chosen all right.
Married in gray , you will go far away.
Married in black, you will wish yourself back.
Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead.
Married in blue, you will always be true.
Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl.
Married in green, ashamed to be seen.
Married in yellow, ashamed of the fellow.
Married in brown, you’ll live out of town.
Married in pink, your spirits will sink.

 I think I will go with gray....

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