Tuesday, January 28

No Tribble at all

It has taken way, way too long, but Steampunk Uhura is finally on her way to Nichelle Nichols!

In case you're late in joining this story already in progress, Momma took me and my dear friend Phoebe to Phoenix Comicon 13 last May to meet Nichelle Nichols - AKA Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of Star Trek: The Original Series fame.

Ms. Nichols liked me so much she asked for one just like me! 


Well, we all know there is only one ME, but Momma worked hard to recreate a steampunk
doppelgänger just for her.

Sadly, between the time it took to create Steampunk Uhura and Momma's bouts with pneumonia, Bell's Palsy, a hospitalization, etc., it took until today for Momma to send Steampunk Uhura on her way.

But Steampunk Uhura is really and truly headed to California to live with Momma Nichols.

I hope she likes her!

BTW, someone commented on Ms. Nichol's Twitter page about the lock and chain I was wearing.

I want to say that I wear the Master lock and chain as a symbol of my origins, but only I have the key.

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  1. Love the uniform and boots. Lt. Uhura has always been my favorite female character from the original series. Nichelle is the best. Zoe does a good job in the JJ Abrams version.