Tuesday, January 28

Oh, my stars and garters!

Wonder Woman #28 by J.G. Jones
Two years ago DC Comics announced its launch of "The New 52." 

Now, DC Comics has been around since 1934. Momma and I both enjoy the occasional comic book, but we were clueless what "The New 52" meant.

But, to be honest, it didn't worry us until we heard 20 of the February covers are steampunk variants so we turned to an expert, Albert Ching

Momma used to work with Ching, but he is now Senior Editor at Comic Book Resources, so he is definitely the one to ask.
Superman/Wonder Woman #5 by Dan Panosian

Steampunk Addie: "What the !@#$% is 'The New 52'?"
Ching: "The New 52 is the branding used for most of DC Comics' current line -- it launched in Sept. 2011. They relaunched all of their comics with new #1 issues, 52 series in total."
SA: "Ok, so the February issues are #28, so they have 24 more issues to go? Then what?"
AC: No, "52" only refers to the number of titles. As in, there are 52 series total -- counting Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, more, etc. -- the books could go on for any number of issues."
SA: "Dumb question, are the February issues out yet or do they come out in February?"
AC: "Out in February -- and not a dumb question at all since normally the date on a periodical is in advance of coming out!"
SA: "I see. What about the ones that combine Superman and Wonder Woman? Do they count as a separate issue or part of the WW or Superman series?"
AC: "Counts as separate, but honestly "New 52" is basically just branding at this point. There aren't necessarily 52 different comics coming out every month. It hasn't been exact in a while."

Now, DC Comics announced its plans in November 2013 to feature special steampunk-themed variant covers for 20 of its February releases.

Tonner Dolls released its now sold-out Wonder Woman, Steampunk #1 in 2012.

How did they know?

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