Wednesday, January 22

My Stardust memory

Momma has become quite interested in "slim-bodied" 18 inch dolls ever since she got Carpatina's Ana Ming. When she was looking into them, she discovered a line of dolls that is, sadly, no longer in production.

Not only that, but she discovered that I am not the first time traveler!

Stardust Classics dolls were produced from 1997 to 2001. The 18 dolls were designed by Vernon Thornblad, who later  designed the Carpatina dolls.

The three Stardust Classics dolls all have a fantasy theme and are Laurel the Woodfairy; Alissa, Princess of Arcadia; and Kat the Time Explorer. Each doll had a series of four books with accompanying outfits, accessories, and furniture.

We (of course) like Kat - even if she is a blue-eyed blonde. (Maybe we'll have to make an exception for her someday?)

The following descriptions came from an old Stardust Classics catalog.

Kat the Time Explorer: Ten-year-old Kat is excited about spending a year with her aunt Jessie. Her excitement turns to amazement when she discovers that Jessie is working on a time machine. Soon the two are sent spinning back to London in 1851. They're thrilled to learn they've arrived during the Great Exhibition, the first world's fair. But the adventure turns into a wild search when the time machine is lost. Without it, they're stuck in the past! 

Kat is as curious as her namesake. So when her aunt repairs a time machine, she eagerly plunges into the adventure. The Stardust Classics doll celebrates Kat's enthusiasm. Her blue eyes reflect her lively curiosity. And with long blond curls and blushing cheeks, she's at home in the most elegant -- or practical -- outfits from long ago. Kat is 18 1/2" tall and easily posable.
Kat comes dressed for her first adventure in Victorian England. The floor-length gown, in dusty rose and ivory, is accented with rose bows and pearls. She also comes with slippers, tights and underwear, plus a copy of Kat the Time Explorer. Accessories sold separately.
Kat's Extras: This four-piece set sweetly complements Kat's Victorian ball gown. Her choker is a miniature cameo on a rose ribbon. The ivory and dusty rose accents are carried over into Kat's ribboned hair comb. And for true elegance, add the parasol and fan in lacy white. Both open and fold like the real things.

Kat's Egyptian Adventure 

Kat and the Secrets of the Nile: In 19th-century Egypt, Kat and Jessie join excavators looking for ancient treasures. They quickly learn that some of those treasures have been stolen. As Kat sets out to find the thief, she dodges dangers from sandstorms to crocodiles. But the greatest threat proves to be a clever villain, who's figured out Kat's on his trail.

Kat's Egyptian Outfit: Kat's Arabic teal dress, edged with golden coins, is topped by a fuchsia robe. Gold slippers and a gauzy veil with jeweled headwrap complete the look.

Egyptian Jewelry: Jewelry worthy of a pharaoh. The golden collar and armlet are fashioned from flexible metal for easy fit.

Plum Traveling Suit: Kat's perfectly suited for 19th-century Egypt in this stylish skirt and peplum jacket. The outfit is a mix of plum and gold florals, with velvet and braid trim. Comes with blouse, boots and socks.

Excavation Accessories: A handy set on desert digs. The straw hat shelters Kat from the hot sun, while the backpack holds the fragment she found and her pick for unearthing finds.

Egyptian Furnishings: Shopping the market of Minya, Kat spots two handsome pieces: a wooden trunk and a colorful fringed rug.

Egyptian Treasures: Four reminders of Egypt's rich past: pharaoh's crook, hawk-headed burial pot, serving tray and statue of an Egyptian cat. 

Kat's Mongolian Adventure

Kat and the Emperor's Gift: Kat and Jessie travel to Kublai Khan's court in ancient China, where their arrival sets off a power struggle. Caught in the middle are Kat's new friends, Princess Cocachin and Marco Polo the explorer. While Chin is being forced to leave China to marry a cruel man, Marco is forbidden to depart. But when Kat tries to help them, a crafty enemy plots to trap her in the past.

Blue Velvet Gown: For Kublai Khan's dinner, Kat wears this deep blue velvet dress with trailing skirt. Comes with sash and red lace-up slippers.

Silk Coat and Cap: An exotic addition to Kat's dress. The pleated coat, cut longer in back for dramatic flair, is magnificently matched by the silk cap.

Statue and Banner: Two striking pieces from the Khan's court: running horse statue and bold banner.

Mongolian Winter Outfit: Kat's cozy ermine-look coat is trimmed with black fur at the cuffs and collar. Comes with suede-look cap and boots, also edged in black fur.

Oriental Treasures: Four Oriental objects crafted with extraordinary beauty: floral teapot, two teacups, green perfume bottle, umber vase.

Kat's Renaissance Adventure

Kat and the Missing Notebooks: In Renaissance Italy, Kat tries to get a young artist apprenticed to Leonardo da Vinci. But her scheme is derailed by the theft of da Vinci's notebooks -- which she shares blame for. And more than her friend's career is at stake. Unless Kat finds the books, a spy may execute an evil plot and a masterpiece may be lost.

Satin Gown and Accessories: Kat is breathtaking in a gown of midnight blue with ice-blue overskirt and matching slippers. A delicate drawstring bag and beaded headpiece complete her elegant outfit.

Florentine Treasures: Three mementos of Florence: leather-look satchel, cloth-bound artist's sketchbook and ornate wooden chest with domed lid.

I am especially interested in her Egyptian and Mongolian adventures. Have you explored time with Kat?


  1. I don't have Kat, but I do have her Plum Traveling suit. I really like it. I was fortunate to buy several dolls and outfits during the iDoll going out of business sale. I also have Princess Alissa in her princess dress, along with 7 of the Just Pretend dolls.

  2. I'm not familiar with the dolls, but I think I've seen these books in a local used book store. Good luck with your search.