Friday, January 17

Walk of shame

I don't know when I last saw Momma laugh so hard.

Look at what she found this morning on eBay:

Limited edition 'Walk of Shame' My American Girl Doll. Beautiful brunette with brown eyes and olive complexion. Classic morning-after-party hairstyle. Wearing a custom-made summer party dress of embroidered white cotton, wrinkled of course, one purple shoe, one fuzzy bunny slipper and no underwear. Accompanied by a small fluffy calico stray that must have woken up with her in the alley.... Original box included. Bottle of Yukon Jack NOT included.

Momma told me that  "walk of shame" refers to a person who must walk alone past strangers or peers before reaching a place of privacy. Most commonly, it occurs the morning after a night out at a bar, nightclub, or party. The "walker" may often be identified by his or her disheveled appearance and incongruous evening attire, particularly on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

I still don't see what is so funny. She looks like most of the dolls in my Big Sister's room.

Minus the bottle of Yukon Jack, of course.


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