Tuesday, January 14

Raising Arizona Geeks

My Steam Team and I have been invited to participate in Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative Geek Week and Geeks’ Night Out in Tempe, Ariz!

Tempe is known for its technology companies, its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, and groundbreaking research at Arizona State University and many other colleges. And, of course, if there’s one thing Tempe knows, it’s how to throw a party.

Join us for Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative Geek Week and Geeks’ Night Out. We’re blending science, technology and fun to celebrate the Arizona SciTech Festival. Best of all, the events are free.

Geeks are really important to Tempe. About 20 percent of the jobs in our city are tech-related. We are, perhaps, the most tech-heavy town in Arizona, depending on how you slice it. We love geeks. They're smart, fun and want to change the world for the better. They've cured diseases, built robots, and yes, even helped us get to Mars.

Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative Geek Week
Visit the Gallery at the Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe Public Library, Tempe History Museum for pop-culture, science-related fun throughout the week. Tempe schools will also host classes and bring in special guest speakers throughout the week.

What is Geeks' Night Out?
Be part of a very special Third Thursday on Mill Avenue on Feb. 20 from 4:30 to 9 p.m., themed to bring out the curiosity within. There’s science behind everything you love and we want to show you how it works. From science fiction to the business of science and everything in between, we’re celebrating smarts. Join us. It’s fun, smart and very Tempe.

Invade City Hall! (Or at least walk around it in your costume)
Phoenix Comicon hosts its annual Geeks' Night Out costume contest. Strut your stuff before the judging. Members of the Tempe City Council will lead the zombies, super heroes, super villians and creatures of all kinds on a walk around Tempe City Hall. Parade starts at 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Tempe School District Robotics Clubs

Tempe robotics clubs will bring the amazing robots they've built in class. What was once science fiction is now able to be designed, built and operated by high school and middle school students.

R2-D2 Builders Club
Check out full-size replicas of R2-D2 and other Astromech Droids with the R2-D2 Builders Club. With more than 10,000 members in 30 countries worldwide, the club’s replicas have appeared on behalf of Lucas Films in Deal or No Deal, The Rose Bowl Parade, The Fiesta Bowl Parade, movie premiers, sports events, Star Wars in Concert, the White House, Halloween events and the Today Show.
Greathouse Labs
Evil robots take over the world! Lance Greathouse has robots that shoot fire and look like they came out of Terminator or the Matrix. Check them out!

Video Games
GameTruck has been operating mobile video game theaters in the Valley for over five years with over 50 franchises nationwide. Come play with us as we show off the latest multiplayer video games in our state of the art environment. GameTruck will also be demonstrating Evil Controllers so you can experience gaming with the industry leader in modded controllers. The truck is wheelchair accessible.

Pop Culture and Sci Fi

Ghostly Fun

The Southwest Anaomalous Research Center will be at Tempe City Hall showing the equipment they use in researching potential ghostly hauntings. They’ll lead a tour of Monti’s Restaurant, reported to be haunted, at 8 p.m., if you sign up with them at their booth.

The Arizona Ghostbusters are ready to believe you! Check out this group of do-gooders in ghostbusting swag. See the proton packs and check out the rest of their gear. You might even win a ride in Ecto, their car.

Dr. Who?
Step into a full-size replica of Dr. Who's Tardis, which will be located at the corner of Sixth and Mill in present time, brought to you by Az Tardis.
Phoenix Comicon Costume Contest + Photo Booth
Dress like your favorite inventor, invention, science project gone wrong, whatever. Show off your Star Trek and Star Wars gear. We want to see your favorite SciFi costume on Mill Avenue! Strut your scientific stuff in front of Tempe City Hall. Prizes!

Comic Book and Graphic Novel Signings
Pop Culture Paradise is bringing several graphic novelists to sign their goods. Their display will be located in the ground floor retail space of the City Hall Parking Garage located on Fifth Street adjacent to Tempe City Hall. Look for Ecto, the Arizona Ghostbusters mobile, near there!

Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Desert Dolls Roller Derby will show how they can thwart gravity. Find them as they roll through our downtown.
Which will you like better? Their skating, their attitudes or their costumes?

ERIC Knows Recycling
What goes in the blue barrel and what goes in the trash? What happens to an aluminum soda can after you drop it in the recycling bin? Meet ERIC, Tempe’s mobile Educational Recycling Information Center – a 38-foot trailer filled with innovative and interactive opportunities to learn about the recycling cycle.

Chemistry in Your Storage Closet
Tempe’s Household Products Collection Center will demonstrate why you shouldn’t store your pool chemicals along with brake fluid in a cardboard box. Or why it’s not a good idea to have, say, cleaning supplies, paint thinner and paper towels on the same shelf. Many common household products can be dangerous – to your family, your pets and the environment – if not used, stored and disposed of properly. Learn more about how you can help protect the earth and your family by making smart choices about household products.

Tempe Elementary and Tempe Unified High School District have outdone themselves with amazing science displays. See how the future of our society is learning STEM and using it to change the world.

Kid Zone
The youngsters of Tempe Kid Zone will have a display of their artistic talents around the railing of Tempe City Hall while Kid Zone staff will provide an interactive science activity for everyone to enjoy.

It's about time I got some public recognition.