Monday, January 13

Jeepers Creepers!

As mentioned at least once or twice, Momma and I love the Monster High students and their pets.

One of our few complaints was the pets were a bit small, but that has been rectified with the new Secret Creepers!

Pets can be the best friends and the best secret keepers. The pets of the core Monster High ghouls have come to unlife to keep your secrets! Each of these five scary cute sidekicks (sold separately) has a secret-keeping feature.

Called Secret Creepers Critters, Captain Penny (Robecca Steam's mechanical penguin), Azura (Nefera de Nile doll's scarab beetle) and Hissette (Cleo de Nile's cute cobra) figures each come with a basic pen and paper that can be used along with their secret-keeping and note-passing features.

Count Fabulous (
Draculaura's pet bat) and Neptuna (Lagoona Blue's piranha) figures come with one invisible ink pen along with paper and a "reveal" feature. Write in secret - or in the open - but expose your thoughts only when it's safe! 

Additionally, Secret Creepers Pets Watzit (Frankie Stein’s stitched-together pet), Sir Hoots A Lot (Ghoulia Yelps’s wise, but not old, pet owl) and Shiver (Abbey Bominable’s cool pet wooly mammoth) figures have a creepy cool secret-keeping feature: pop open their heads to reveal voice-recording brains. 

(I can neither confirm nor deny, but I have heard that Dustin [Twyla's pet dust bunny] and Chewlian [Venus McFlytrap's pet sentient venus flytrap] are to be added to the line!)

I simply cannot wait to assemble my own waddle of steampunk penguins.

Mwa ha ha!

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