Friday, January 31

It's about time!

Wilde Imagination
Momma and I have been in mourning ever since Wilde Imagination announced in December 2012 that it was discontinuing its Imperium Park steampunk line.

It took a year, but photos of the newest Ellowyne Wilde were released today in all her steampunk glory.

Introducing, Just in Time!

Pru insisted we take a walk by the bay
But I didn't want to come out to play.
It's much too early, I rightly say.
But she talked me into it, Hip Hip Hooray.
I had to scurry, I had to race
to make it before the sun bared her bright face.
A stroke of luck!
I get to see the sun rise,
Isn't it sublime?

Just in Time Ellowyne features a hip steampunk-inspired ensemble and arrives bearing shiny hazel inset eyes behind thick lashes and a full rooted mane of mink. Including a cream bodysuit with elaborate collar, rich burgundy wool jacket with golden buttons and cameo detail, burgundy stripe skirt with fashion chain and bow detail and ribbed cotton tights, even Jules Verne himself would be proud! Our fashionable time traveler's ensemble is complete with sassy period button-up booties, a burgundy top hat with ribbon and chain deco, and of course, goggles. I dare say, the game is afoot! 

A limited edition of 1,000 dolls is scheduled to be available in April.

How shall I wait until then? Thank heavens my birthday is April 9!

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