Saturday, March 22

Express Your Peepsonality

What a glorious day.

Momma made the first of our  matching Peeps outfits and Pippaloo's Peeps arrived in the mail!

I'm a bit indignant that Momma made Clementine's first, but she told me not to be greedy.


And then, Pippaloo's gift Peeps arrived with a note saying, "Tell Addie to share!"

Honestly. What kind of Vinyl American do people think I am?

Momma told me not to look a gift Peep in the mouth, but really.

There's only so much a doll can bear.


  1. It's hard to share peeps. At least they come packed in even numbers...makes it a little easier.

  2. Can I send you something? How can I?

    1. Certainly. You can email me at steampunkaddie (at) gmail dot com. If it's something that needs to come through Pony Express, please contact Momma at the above email address for a mailing address. Thanks!