Sunday, March 9

Kindred spirits are not so scarce

Momma just got home from "Betsy's Ray of Sunshine."

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

The Maud Hart Lovelace online discussion list (Maud-L Listserv) is an electronic mail discussion group focusing on all things Betsy-Tacy as well as conversations of more general interest. 

Momma discovered the Maud-L Listserve many years ago and was instantly hooked..

She loves these old descriptions she found online.

According to Sharyn November,

The Maudlist is one of the best listservs I've seen -- more like a kaffeeklatsch than anything else. Yes, we talk about the books, but we also exchange life stories and recipes and jokes and mutual support. In fact, I even stayed with Carla Kozak when I went on vacation -- and no, I had never met her before. Maudvibes are sent when people are worried and blue, and they work! Trust me.

According to Julie Chuba,

I really enjoy all the little pieces of people's lives--little anecdotes, memories, traditions, different things people notice about books or stories I've read, etc. It's so much fun to hear about them, even though it may not have much to do with Maud Hart Lovelace or Betsy-Tacy. Becky's yummy-sounding meals, Katie's 4th of July, learning about Alice Austen from Diane, Poe's songs of the day, strange names (Dick Trickle finished me), Marsha Q.'s valiant attempts to keep on us on Betsy track, finding out about new books and movies and music--it's just a day brightener for me! I feel as though I a know a bit about a lot of you. Even though we probably have very dissimilar tastes and opinions and lifestyles, it's kind of fun to "get together" this way.

The members get together periodically to actually meet, eat, and explore the country. Betsy's Ray of Sunshine was scheduled from Friday, March 7 through Sunday, March 9, BUT the house party was still going strong when Momma came home to spend time with my Big Sister.

Events included: Happy Hour at Camelback Inn (great view of Camelback Mountain); antiquing in Glendale; desert walks/hikes; Phoenix Art Museum; a desert picnic at The Farm at South Mountain; talking/laughing/games/reading/whatever!

So, are you a Kindred Spirit? 

To subscribe or change your options on Maud-L, send e-mail to In the BODY of the message type one of the following according to the change you want make:

Subscribe Maud-L (to sign on)
Set Maud-L Nomail (to suspend receiving posts)
Set Maud-L Mail (to resume receiving posts)
Set Maud-L Digest (receive the posts in digest form)
Set Maud-L Nodigest (resume receiving posts one at a time)

Make sure you send the e-mail message from the account that you used to subscribe and that you omit or turn off any signatures in your e-mail message. If you have trouble subscribing to Maud-L, contact Arline.


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