Tuesday, March 25

See Joan, See Joan Sew

My Dear Friend Joan Dickhaut (aka See Joan Sew) at beds-n-blankies.com is an extraordinary woman. 

Not only did she make Francis a Mad Scientist steampunk lab that I am still coveting, but Simplicity Patterns is scheduled to publish her pattern next month on April 18.

Versatile pieces mix and match to create steam punk, gypsy, Renaissance and other eclectic looks to fit 18" dolls. See envelope for more information. Get FREE instructions for accessories at www.simplicity.com/1392.

Mind you, this journey has taken nearly a year! Joan first revealed the exciting news on May 11, 2013 ... and I didn't find out until Aug. 28!

Momma, of course, saw the pattern potential and wrote Joan:

Steampunk Addie is thrilled to see this and can't wait to get a signed pattern!

To which Joan replied:

Hahaha! Guess who was a major inspiration for some of those pieces. I'll need a signed pattern from her!

My pen is poised and waiting Joan.