Monday, March 3

No guts, no gory

When my Big Sister and her Cousins started collecting American Girl dolls years ago, Momma knew she had to become a dolly doctor or go bankrupt.

Poor Samantha and Josefina arrived for surgery last week, but Momma had la grippe and then what sounded suspiciously like a consumptive cough.

Today was the day. Momma examined the patients while I tried to calm their nerves.

Poor Josefina was in pretty good shape - except her left arm had fallen off! Samantha had a bad case of Floppy Legs, and her arms weren't much better.

One hour, some elastic, some brass ferrules and washers, and one bottle cap (artificial shoulder replacement) later, both Josefina and Samantha are ready to go back to their new homes.

Does your doll need surgery, too? Let Me know at steampunkaddie (at) gmail dot com and I'll tell Momma.

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