Sunday, March 2

Tickled steam-pink
I think everyone knows by now about My Fondness for kitschy flamingos, so imagine My Delight when worlds collided with Sir Steampunk!

Sir Steampunk (with monocle and/or mustache) is a handmade garden art sculpture. A OOAK Victorian gift for that formal garden or gardeners. A unique home & garden decor sculpture. He's a reinvented pink plastic flamingo base covered with weather resistant paints, paper/aluminum foil structure, recycled materials, gears/wires, faux-copper make up the rest of the disguise. He has no real metal on him except for some wires and recycled metal and wooden gears. Steam Punk: the future as imagined by the past (Scientific romantic fiction).

Sir Steampunk is quite proper in his optional top hat and monocle. And now with the option of a classy mustache! This unique Flamingo looks great in formal gardens and up-cycled Victorian gardens alike. Each Steam Punk flamingo made will be slightly different because they are as unique as the parts they made from.

His Facebook page is a delight, too. 

This Facebook Page is hosted by me, Ignacio Flamingo, and is the brainstorm of my agent, Kate Higgins. I agreed to do this provided I stay in disguise. The majority of the flock just wouldn’t understand. Belonging to a flock of hundreds is comforting but a bit stifling. Some of us really want to branch out. Some of us have dreams and desires that just don’t merge with the Flamingo Incognito! was born.

There's another steampunk flamingo listed, too, as well as a whole rainbow of other inspired Phoenicopteridae. If you like flamingos, make sure you check out CedarMoon Studio!

So many flamingos, so little yard... and I still have to tell you about my Zombie Flamingo!

Mwa ha ha!

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