Saturday, March 1

The Dogg Act

Cheysuli’s Pocket Full of Sunshine
Momma does some of the strangest things for her friends.

Today she delivered, um, shall we say "half of the ingredients" needed for Welsh Cardigan Corgi puppies to her friend, author and breeder Jennifer Roberson.

("Instant puppies! Just add female!")

Hey, I'm trying to keep this clean!

Jennifer has a female dog ready to be "in the family-way" and needed the other half - which was in New Jersey. In a miracle of modern-day PonyEx, it was shipped overnight and received this morning.

Momma promptly leaped into the car to deliver the chilled contents to Jennifer, who is showing her Cardigans at the Fiesta Cluster Dog Show in Scottsdale this weekend.

Hopefully we'll have Welsh Cardigan puppies in 58 and 68 days!

(According to an old story, Queen Victoria was traveling down a country road one day when her carriage came upon a fallen tree branch. A fairy came out of nowhere and produced two corgis out of thin air to assist Queen Victoria. One was the (tailed) Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the other the (tailless) Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The two Corgis moved the tree for the queen, which is why the breed is currently prized by the Queen of England.)

In the meantime, the jokes have been flying Fast and Furiously around here. In particular, Grandpoppa wanted to know if Momma's errand violated the Mann Act.

The Mann Act is a United States federal law passed on June 25, 1910 named after Congressman James Mann of Illinois. Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, "immorality," and human trafficking.

However, its ambiguous language of "immorality" permitted many dubious prosecutions over the years, and was used to criminalize many things. It was amended by Congress in 1978 and again in 1986 to apply to other things as well.

Hey, I'm still trying to keep this clean! 

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