Friday, March 9

An Apple a day

While Momma is busy exploring the wonders of her new computer, I thought I'd show you some of my favorites.

Pleasant Company and American Girl have long realized the importance of computers in the modern world and want all their girls to be equipped.

Mini Macintosh (1996)
Boot your American Girl’s Apple Macintosh computer with the flip of a switch. Use the keyboard to scroll through her field trip report about the planetarium. Scoot the mouse along themousepad to add stars to the constellation on the screen. (This is Momma's favorite - and mine!)

Lindsey's Laptop (2001)
Lindsey doesn’t go anywhere without her laptop. Best of all, it keeps you both connected! Store 50 names and phone numbers, view the date and time, and use the calculator while you’re out and about. Two pretend mini disks slide into the side of the laptop. Lindsey can carry her laptop along with her notebook and pencil in her messenger-style computer bag.

Computer Set (2006)
Get ready for lots of computer fun—for you and your doll. Includes doll-sized monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer tower, and two pretend disks. You can play three real computer games (with sound!), use the built-in calculator, check the time and day of the week, or store important names and numbers.

Lanie's Laptop (2010)
Lanie loves to think up earth-friendly ideas—she can stay connected on-the-go with a pretend laptop computer and three screen clings.

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