Saturday, March 24

The incredible Holtz

Momma discovered yesterday a line of products that seems to have been created just for me: Tim Holtz's idea-ology.

From his website:

Tim Holtz is the Creative Director for Ranger Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative inks, paints, and embossing products. Tim plays an integral part in the development and design of cutting edge paper crafting products. Tim has teamed up with various key companies like Ranger, Advantus, Tonic Studios, Sizzix, and Stampers Anonymous to bring unique products that work hand in hand with Ranger’s extensive lines.

So far I have:

CHAIN TASSELS: An ornamental piece consisting of several strands of metal chain which dangle from a decorative cap. The package contains nine chain tassels in three antique finishes: nickel, copper, and brass. (I'm now wearing the brass tassels on my earrings!)

SPROCKET GEARS: A collection of metal cogs used as adornment. The Sprocket Gears vary in size and the package contains 12 gears in three antique finishes: nickel, brass, and copper.

CORKED VIALS: Glass containers used to hold small objects or elements. The nine bottles range in sizes from 3 to 1 1/4 inches. (These are great for Harry Potter, too!)

She's now trying to find these two:


I can't wait to see what else he comes up with!


  1. We love Tim Holtz! We are also collecting his items - for our "Maple's Laboratory" project.

    We are currently to trying to figure out how to decorate McKenna's Loft Bed and Kanani's Shave Ice Stand with them in the awesome-est way possible. basically carries everything he offers (we think) and at pretty good prices. :)

  2. I first found out about Tim Holtz when I first got into scrapbooking a few years ago. I love most of his stuff (the fractured dolls are actually the only Tim Holtz item I do not want at all)! I'm very lucky that two of my local scrapbok stores carry a lot of his stuff (and what they donj't have they can order). Some things you can also pick up at Michael's and AC Moore.