Tuesday, March 27

Good golly Miss Molly

photo courtesy of Artificer Made
I have found the Artificer* of my Dreams!

Imagine my delight when I spotted these steampunk goggles for American Girl dolls by Artificer Made.

After first making goggles for a cat Christopher Bright decided to try making some for a doll, and voila!

These are sized to fit an American Girl Doll and designed to be just as rugged as any original accessory. The goggles will, of course, fit any similarly sized doll as well as a cat or small dog. Fitting to anything other than an American Girl doll may involve a little more tweaking to get everything just right but there is an expansion spring on the back of the strap that allows for a little flexibility.

You can read more about these goggles, including a video and lurid penny-dreadful story, at his blog: http://artificermade.blogspot.com

And you thought I was crazy. Goggles for cats!

*An artificer is a skilled person who makes artifacts.

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  1. Wow! I want a pair of those for myself and my dolls... ;)