Thursday, March 1

Long may it wave

As many of you know, I have a fondness for flags. 

Momma surprised me yesterday with a stand to hold my growing collection of flags.

So far I have:
  • two different pirate flags (Arr!)
  • 50-star United States flag
  • Episcopal flag
  • Northern Arizona University flag

and Momma found more for me which should arrive any day now:
  • another pirate flag!
  • rainbow flag
  • Arizona flag
  • Ohio flag
  • Pennsylvania flag

All of which makes me think of the song, Freak Flag, from Shrek: The Musical:
Let your freak flag wave
Let your freak flag fly
Never take it down, never take it down
Raise it way up high!

Let your freak flag fly!
Let it fly, fly, fly!

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