Friday, March 30

Close, but no cigar

I have decided what to do with the lovely cigar box the Artificer of my Dreams packed my goggles and brass rose in.

It will become my writing desk.

My Dear Friend Betsy Ray stores her stories in a cigar box at the beginning of Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown by Maud Hart Lovelace.

"The perch in the maple tree was Betsy's private office. Here she thought out stories and poems and wrote them down. Here she kept what she had written in the cigar box that her mother had given her and Tacy had helped her nail to its present place."

She later uses her uncle's theatrical trunk for her desk, but she never forgets her humble cigar box.

I figure if Betsy can create stories with a cigar box and a theatrical trunk, I can do no less with my cigar box. After all, it's Illuminati which is the plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened."

(Plus, it's a handy place for this Perfectly Awful Girl to store my pipe, cuspidor, rum and absinthe.)


  1. FYI, if you haven't figured it out yet, that channel carved into the end of the box will receive the lid.

    It is meant to hold the lid vertically when the box is displayed open at a cigar shop to show off the name of the product inside.

    I see Addie enjoys lecturing on many subjects. Perhaps the box could also, in this way, serve as an easel to pin charts or maps to. She just needs a nice telescoping pointer.