Sunday, March 25

Uneeda chocolate sandwich cookie?

Chocolate sandwich cookie by Pippaloo
Happy 100th birthday Oreo cookies!

The Oreo cookie was developed and produced by Nabisco (originally known as the National Biscuit Company) in March 1912. They sold in the United States for 25 cents a pound in novelty cans with clear glass tops.

The Oreo was originally called the Oreo Biscuit. ("Biscuit" is a British and early American term for cracker products.) The name was later changed to the Oreo Sandwich in 1921. In 1948, the name was changed again to the Oreo Creme Sandwich, and finally became the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974.

Incidentally, Nabisco's 1,800,000-square-foot production facility is the largest bakery in the world.

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  1. Wow! I did not know that about Oreos! Now I won't take them for granted! :D By the way, I love your blog. ;) It's the first Steampunk doll blog I've found!