Friday, March 23

Just Steampunk!

Look at what Momma found today!

A craft magazine dedicated to just steampunk!

What is steampunk? Steampunk is a design style heavily influenced by science fiction, from a Victorian perspective—”Steampunk is the future as dreamt by the past.” Although steampunk is a style vague in definition, it is certain in identifiably: think bits of broken jewelry, corroded clock gears and vintage anything. But don’t forget the fantasy, the whimsy or most definitely the metallic. This unique, inspiring edition includes over 300 photographs showcasing projects from a variety of talented designers. Just Steampunk! is sure to satisfy the demand of die hard fans, or whet the appetite of the newly curious. Enjoy, but be warned: steampunk art may become addictive!

Gee? You think?

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