Tuesday, February 18

Are you going to Renaissance Fair?

I am whipped - and I don't mean by the Whipmaster Adam Whip.

I want one of these parasols but they won't give me one without a subscription - even though we've had one for 39 years!

I love all the colors at the Renaissance Festival!

We have been buying perfumes and incense from The Perfumed Dragon for at least 20 years!

Yummm, chocolate samples from The Chocolate Maker!

They're correct, these Sky Chairs really do fit about everyone!

Ooh, I found one of the Wee Folk!

One of the things I love about the Ren Fest is all the sellers of snoods.

I love this booth! He has brass keychains just for Me! Decisions, decisions....

I love these tiny Under the Mango Tree journals.

My Steampunkin and I visit Isher Creations and his mummified fairies.

Resting under my Big Sister's VERY stout parasol while watching Adam Crack perform.

I make a friend with a one-eyed armored Dragon Pet.

Visiting Madison at the Storybook Castle.

At last! My very own catapult from Siege the Day!

This guy at the Queen's Kitchen didn't want to give me (Me!) a Turkey Leg! Ooh, Pippaloo....

To be continued!


  1. Thank you for taking me vicariously to the faire! I loved it there. Really must go to the PA one this year. :) LOVE your dragon friend. Did you get to bring him home?

    1. Alas, Momma was broke after purchasing my catapult. She assures me she'll get me my own dragon someday....