Tuesday, February 11

The way of Tea with Ahmie

My Dear Friend April (who lives in Japan!) submitted this photo of her Licca doll by Takara enjoying a cup of Tea with Ahmie.

(Licca is also enjoying Re-Ment cookies/cakes, a Japanese manufacturer of collectible plastic toys. The company's name is derived from a combination of the phrase "reform the entertainment." Established in 1998, Re-Ment currently sells miniature food, furniture and animal figures.)

From what I have found online, Licca Castle dolls are Japanese fashion dolls by Tamara that are similar to Barbie, but with a more Asian build and aesthetic.

Licca was born in 1967 . . .
Over more than four decades she has met countless little girls, played together, and even lent them a sympathetic ear.
What generation of Licca Dolls did you play with? What generation does your child have?

We hope you will create and share your own experiences and memories of Licca with your family and friends.

Do you know anything about Licca dolls? Can you tell me more, please?

Have you had Tea with Ahmie today?



  1. You are good. :) I found this doll at a thrift shop. Her accessories are Re-Ment miniatures (awesome).

    1. Your blog was quite helpful! I *love* the Re-Ment items. Momma thought they were erasers until now. ;)