Tuesday, February 18

CuriOzer and curiOzer!

To be perfectly honest, Momma has not paid too much attention to Madame Alexander dolls since she was a girl. She thinks she has two packed away and my Big Sister has one of their 18 inch dolls, but the childish faces have not appealed to Momma in years.

So we were both Pleasantly Shocked when Doll Diaries posted a photo on Facebook of Steam Punk Dorothy from the 2014 Toy Fair.


After hastily digging around we discovered not only their Steam Punk Oz line, but a Steam Punk Wonderland line, too!

NEW Commemorative The Wizard of Oz™ 75th Anniversary Dolls Designed by the Iconic Madame Alexander Doll Company!

-- Dorothy and Her Friends Have Been Re-imagined and Will Continue to Spark Imaginations of The Wizard of Oz Lovers --

February 7, 2014 (New York, NY) - From the time Dorothy™ landed in Munchkinland™, Madame Alexander has created exclusive dolls based on the classic film. Seventy-five years later, the journey continues with an exciting new limited edition collection of the classic characters re-imagined in a Steam Punk style, as well as special collectible dolls in celebration of the classic movieʼs 75th anniversary.

The Madame Alexander Doll Company is excited to introduce a new Limited Edition Steam Punk The Wizard of Oz 16” Doll Collection. Inspired by 19th-century sci-fi and fantasy, these brand new Steam Punk-style dolls reenvision the classic The Wizard of Oz™ characters – Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. Continuing the Madame Alexander Doll Company tradition of “love in the details,” each doll will come with the classic charactersʼ accessories.

Dorothy and Toto
Steam Punk Doll $199.95
Dressed in a blue and white gingham skirt, brown velour corset with gold ribbon and a white cotton shirt, this 16” fully articulated brown-eyed, brunette-braided Dorothy™ is set to enter Emerald City. Blue knit thigh-highs, ruby red boots and a black flock-top hat adorned with white and black feathers and gold goggles complete the look. A silver “robot-like” Toto is carried in a white woven basket. 

Wicked Witch of the West
Steam Punk Doll $199.95
This 16” fully articulated Wicked Witch of the West™, brunette with brown eyes, is quite fetching interpreted in the Steam Punk style. Green with envy, she is dressed in a green and black taffeta and silk dupioni dress accented with green on green stripes. Buttons and gears embellish her bodice as does a big green tulle bow. Her stylishly floppy black hat is made of dupioni and also accented in green tulle. Other accents include a choker, black suede lace-up boots, and lace stockings - a real wicked witch indeed. Steam Punk Wicked Witch of the West™ is ready to get on her broom and fly over Emerald City! 

Glinda the Good Witch
Steam Punk Doll $199.95
With red hair and brown eyes, the 16” fully articulated Glinda the Good Witch™ is ready to take on the Wicked Witch of the West in true Steam Punk style. Her embroidered pink layered petal skirt, accented with a sheer pink train is paired with an embroidered pink satin off-the-shoulder bodice tied with gold ribbon and accented by a gold “gear” butterfly and gold nailheads. A pale pink taffeta petticoat, pink glissenette thigh-highs and gold glitter boots complement the outfit. Ribbons, feathers and watch gears adorn a pink felt top hat, while a gold wired wand, topped with a heart-shaped sphere, complete the look.

We could not find a press release for the Wonderland dolls but here are their descriptions:

Alice In Wonderland Steam Punk Doll $159.95 
A modern twist on a classic theme, the Steam Punk Alice In Wonderland doll is a bent knee, 10" blonde, blue-eyed Cissette dressed a blue and white Victorian inspired stripped taffeta dress is paired with a white organdy blouse with faux buttons, a bow and gold circle accent. The dress, accented with two red satin ribbon belts, has four "pick-ups" held in place with silver metal nail heads. This unique collectible wear white organdy petticoat, white panties, red and white striped thigh highs and brocade ankle boots. Alice carries a canteen and cross body bag plus a set of goggles. A new favorite for Alice in Wonderland fans. 

Mad Hatter Steam Punk Doll $159.95
Our 10", bent knee Mad Hatter doll takes on a new look! Created in a Steam Punk style, with an unique face paint and red hair and wearing a black and grey checkered coat with tails and lined with green and yellow minicheck over striped green woven trousers. His blue and purple taffeta vest is worn over a white organdy shirt accented with dark blue polka dot bow tie. The outfit is accessorize with watch gears, a gold pocket watch and red belts. On his feet are brown pleather boots with metallic buckles. Paired with an orange plaid top hat decorated with gears and a velvet ribbon, this is truly a special gift for Alice in Wonderland fans!

The Steam Punk Wonderland dolls are scheduled to be released in May, and the Steam Punk Oz dolls are scheduled for September.

I'll get you, my pretties, and your little dog, too!

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