Wednesday, February 12

MakieLab, MakieLab, make me a Makie

Momma and I are both fascinated with modern technology, especially 3D printing.

Three-dimensional printing is a process of making a solid object from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes. 

So we were fascinated to learn about Makies by MakieLab in Great Britain, a company that prints custom-designed dolls.

MAKIES are a new kind of toy: amazingly poseable 10" dolls with faces and features designed by you. You get to choose the eyes, nose, jaw, smile, the hair, the clothes and even the hands and feet. Once you’ve finished creating, we make your doll real, dress it with the clothes you’ve chosen, add the hair and eyes you’ve chosen, and put it in a beautifully recyclable cardboard tube to be sent directly to you.
We are a small team in London who want to bring something amazing to the world of toys. We are currently a 50/50 split of female and male employees, with a passion for creativity and ethical production.

We believe in being good, in working with our customers to make the best stuff we can, and also sometimes being just a little bit disruptive. We don't believe in limiting girls to pink, and boys to guns. We believe in awesome!
We think that Makies will appeal to the type of person who likes to MAKE things! We want Makies to be maker-friendly, so in the future we’ll be offering all sorts of paints, colours, makeup and add-ons to help you turn Makie into the creature of your imagination.
We want to build what you want to play with: swishing tails, zooming rollerskates, earrings, pets, whatever it is do let us know in the Feedback forum.

The dolls are printed in basic Ice Frosting white, but they can be dyed Strawberry Milk, Pale Pistachio, and Cocoa Bean.

You are not limited to purchasing ever doll you design; you can design as many dolls as desired. Once the doll is made and dressed it is mailed to your home.

They also have a Makies Doll Factory app so you can design your doll on an iPad.

How cool is that?

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