Wednesday, February 5

Make is sew

Mini Me Dolly Divas
As hinted at the other day, here's a sneak peek of my newest outfit being created for me by Mini Me Dolly Divas - as modeled by My Dear Friend, Samantha.

Momma had a vision while looking at Dacia's items, and Dacia agreed to the Special Order.

Special order I am working on for Steampunk Addie. Samantha gets to model it since she is pre-Mattel also. This is going to be a steampunk, Star Trek outfit... doesn't look like it yet I know but it will. I am very excited about this one.
Ok, this so stinking cute it's crazy! Oh, Samantha doesn't want to give this one up....

If Samantha thinks she's going to keep this, she's got another think coming.

The dress is a modified version of the Thimbles and Acorn's 1870s Bustle Dress pattern.

The t-shirt and the hat are modified Liberty Jane patterns. You can find LJC patterns at


  1. So THAT's what one does with Star Trek Fabric!

  2. LOVE the "to boldly go" outfit. Too cute.
    the steampunk outfit is fabulous too!