Friday, February 14

Tea for 2-year-olds
My Big Sister and I have loved playing tea with Momma since we were little girls, so I thought it was time to acknowledge the younger American Girl fans of both Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins.

Your little girl can plan the perfect tea party with Bitty Baby! She can delight her guests with a lovely serving set and scrumptious treats

Little girls can play teatime with Bitty Baby! This set has all the essentials:
  • A white teapot with a heart-shaped handle, removable lid, and cute floral graphic
  • Two matching teacups with wavy brims
  • Two saucers
  • Two cloth napkins
  • A checkered blanket with pink trim

These make-believe treats are perfect for your little girl's tea party with her Bitty Baby doll! This set includes:
  • Three star-shaped cookies
  • Three cupcakes—your girl can mix and match the frosting to create different "flavors"!
  • A fancy tiered tray for serving her guests
Have you had Tea with Ahmie today?


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