Friday, February 14

The life of the Black Valentine
Tonner Dolls released an email and video celebrating Black History Month: Tonner Doll’s African American Retrospective.

Oh, and Valentine's Day, too.

I saw many familiar faces among the dolls (some of whom are part of my Steam Team) but there were two faces that popped out at Me that I had never seen before: the sold-out Tia Dalma of Pirates of the Caribbean and Laurent of Twilight.

Aren't they a match made in HE-double toothpicks? A vampire and a voodoo queen?!
An authorized likeness of Naomie Harris in the role of the bewitching Tia Dalma, this Tonner Character Figure will cast a spell on you! With a layered dress and stomacher, each detail has been faithfully recreated. Tia Dalma is 16” tall and she is crafted of fine quality vinyl/hard plastic with rooted saran hair. Tia Dalma features 13 points of articulated movement and hand-painted face detail. She uses the Tyler Wentworth® 16" standard bending wrist body sculpt.

Laurent, the voice of Twilight's nomadic group of vampires, saunters onto the baseball field wearing rich corduroy pants paired with a textured faux leather belt and boxers, a luxuriant brocade vest with "silver" chain, and a soft faux leather jacket. Laurent features the 17" Matt O'Neill body sculpt.

Can you imagine the trouble we'd get into?

Mwa ha ha.

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  1. They area a perfect match! Love these dolls, especially Laurent!