Sunday, February 23

Just dessous

MHD Designs
Now that Momma is back in seamstress mode, she is spending a lot of time looking at patterns and fabrics while letting her imagination run wild.

Her latest brainstorm?

The Unmentionables.

As you might recall, "unmentionables" was a Victorian euphemism for undergarments that weren't to be seen, let alone mentioned.

Elle a osé montrer ses dessous en plein air.
(She dared show her undies out in the open.)

Momma's vision includes MHD Designs 1850s Dessous pattern using all three of the Unmentionables by Peggy Jo Ackley fabrics by Robert Kaufman.

Can't you just picture this 1850s chemise, petticoat, pantaloons, and corset ensemble in these hilarious cotton novelty print fabrics? 

I shall be the envy of all.


  1. Those are really great fabrics for making new unmentionables. I think the last is my favorite, but all three are great!
    Happy sewing, Momma!